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Christmas is in the Air

OMG! Time goes by so fast! I can't believe that there's almost one month left before Christmas day comes.

Anyway, say hello to this oh such cute mall decorations of SM City San Pablo!

/photo taken by: Patrick Manalo/

Unfinished Self-portrait (Pointillism)

If you could remember, last time, I was making a portrait art of myself. Finally, after weeks, I was able to finish it. Well, it is not yet 100% complete for me but since I am too lazy to continue working on it, I decided to scan it already and throw the hardcopy away.

Eureka Fest 2015 - Anime Singing Contest

Eureka Fest is an event, organized by the Eureka Club in San Pablo City, Laguna, for anime lovers who would like to showcase their talents in singing, drawing and of course, cosplaying.

This year's Eureka Fest was held at the Theater Room, 3rd Floor of Ultimart Shopping Plaza, San Pablo City.

Last year, I joined the Anime Singing Contest and sang the opening theme song of Yakitate Japan, Promise by TiA. For this year, I participated again and sang Mikazuki by Ayaka. Winning is not in my goal, haha, I only join this kind of contests to gain experience, exposure and simply, to just have fun. Hahahaha.

If you would want to watch the video of my perfortmance, go to https://facebook.com/itongfamily/. You'll easily find it there. Check it out!

Self-portrait (Pointillism)

Just to tell you, I am an artist too. Hahaha. Drawing is my best friend back when I was in kindergarten, lol.

Since our semestral break is going to an end soon, I decided to make myself a self-portrait. Sketching is my weakness, I don't really know the basic fundamentals of portrait art, but this time, I tried again. I know I don't have a good hatching-technique, so I created the portrait using my most favorite style: POINTILLISM.

/Picture as of October 28, 2015/

I haven't continued it yet, hahaha, I am having a hard time with the hair. So if you guys out there have knowledge about pointillism art, may I have some advices? :) THANK YOU!

Happy to be Here

Choosing this path is one of the best decisions I did. NO REGRETS. I am enjoying every minute of my life more than I did before. I finally knew who I really am, what I really want and where I'm supposed to be. I myself was astonished to find myself doing what I really like. I don't know what my life would be if I didn't walk this path because now, I'm seeing great things I'd never seen before. I feel more appreciated unlike before. I'm happy and blessed to be with my most amazing squad, my most awesome family. These people made me feel that I am important and special.


Frustrated but Happy

So right now, I am having mixed emotions. I just recovered from a 2-day fever last night, and today, I went out with my classmates, to play volleyball, (supposedly) basketball and badminton. I enjoyed the day, well, not that enjoyed since we didn't get the chance to train seriously because we can't find a good venue, but I am also frustrated for my head is aching so bad again and I feel so weeeeak. My legs are aching so hard as well. I still have things to do, so I can't rest right now yet. But since I missed my classmates, haha, I had fun.

AnAn Jan 2015 and Duet Dec 2010 magazines

My first AnAn magazine with my favorite Duet magazine!


Say hello to my first ever OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE of GENERATIONS! Yaaaay! I've been waiting for this for so loooong! Hahaha!

(Photo by: Romelyn AM Itong)

This is an eco bag from GENERATION EX World Tour 2015. I actually want to use it, but for what? Hahahaha. I just kept it for the mean time.

San Pablo City's Sampaloc Lake

San Pablo City, Laguna is known for its seven crater lakes. Yes! You read it right, not one, not five, but seven!

As a proud San Pableño, I would be showing you the largest among the seven lakes, the Sampaloc Lake.

View of lake Sampaloc from above.
(Click the photo to view the full-size pic)

Sampaloc lake is an inactive volcanic maar. It is located near the city proper, behind the San Pablo city hall, that's why it is more commercialized than the others. Its circumference is about 3 kilometers.

Here's a view of the lake from the sidewalk:

There are many San Pableños who go to the lake every morning. Even I prefer to go around the lake in the morning because of the fresh and cold air. Some people will jog around, others will choose to ride the bike and there are people who will just choose to stay at a particular place and eat (like me). There are lots of eateries and food stalls beside the lake that makes a "food-lover" like me, happy, lol!

If you are planning to go around the lake alone, I advice you not to. Why? Because you would die from boredom. It would be more fun to explore the place with someone. Well, too bad for me, I go there all by myself oftenly, lol.

EE Chose Romelyn!

If you want to know how BS EE came into my life, read it here...

(Third-person type)

(First-person type)

[Me wearing my JIIEE shirt!]
/chubby chubby oily cheeks/


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