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[sticky post] Definitely in a HIATUS!

So I finally decided to lie low from the fandom. Yes, in a definite hiatus, like I won't ever try to check for updates and the like, starting on June 6, 2016. Well, I'm outdated already, anyway. I haven't even heard Ai wo Sakebe yet, too. To be honest, it breaks me everytime I see posts about my fandoms that I cannot relate to. I find it already hard for me to cope with the fandom. I don't know how to get updates anymore.

This is why I decided to go off from my fandoms.

I'll still be active here, but what I would be posting would be more about my personal life. I would try to share old files don't worry :)

I'll try to get back to the fandom as soon as I graduate, lol (that would be four years later).

But what do we know? May be the will of the wind would change? Hahaha. May the odd be in our favor :)


HELLO! Before you go hunting for dl links or what, why not try to know me?

First of, English is not my first language, so bare with me. Forgive me if I commit some grammatical errors.

Okay, obviously, my name is Romelyn and my last name is Itong. I am the type of person that is called by my surname more often. Anyway, my fandom friends call me Row, and so as my college friends. Hahahahahaha. I invented that nickname, lmao. Actually, the nickname given to me by my mom is "Aryan" which is really far from my first name but a bit close with my second name. I actually have 3-first names and the initials are RAM. It's where the RAMen nickname, came from. My name is too longgg.

Enouugh with the nicknames, lol.

My birthday is on May. I am from the Philippines. If it ain't obvious, I am a serious J-POP fanatic. I am a marvel fan and I love Captain America. I am a frustrated artist photojournalist, a blogger, a singer and they say I am a dancer, but my body is as hard as a bamboo tree. Huhuhuhu.

I am an optimistic person, but sometimes pessismistic. Hahahahaha! I am a very neutral type of person. I am ambiverted but classified as an extrovert by people who judge me by what they often see.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

You'll get to know me more if you'll start reading my blogs, lol! :D



Attack All Around (AAA/Triple A)

And these ikemens are my ichibans in their respective groups.

Feel free to befriend me :D I won't hex or curse you anyway ^_^ But please be reminded that if you want to GET ADDED, kindly EAT A STRAWBERRY 😊 (A simple self-introduction will do 😊)

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[ Wanna see my face? :D ]



I just want to inform you that my posts containing dl links for scans, albums, singles, and performances will now be available to my friends only. If you want to gain access to them, please leave a comment (that contains even a short self-introduction) in my INTRODUCTION POST. Then, DON'T FORGET TO ADD ME ^_^

Thank you very much! ^_^

My Precious Squad :)

I noticed that I don't have any post yet about my friends. So today, I am gonna introduce my most precious squad!

(LEFT TO RIGHT: Topmost: Jason, Angela. Middle: Darlene, Meriel meriel_roncal, Pinky, Kietyl, Romelyn. Bottom: Arizza Farah)

We were called UNITED NATIONS by our high school classmates because each of us is a fan of different groups from different countries. Get it? You know, like I am a jpop fan, then the other is a kpop fan, than the other likes PTX, the other like 5SOS, hahaha. The group name they call us is not bad so we considered using it officially (lol).

They are my most precious squad. Our friendship was built when we were in our fouth year of high school. We are in collge now and somehow away from each other but we still get along and bond. We still oftenly talk with each other.

It's just sad that Darlene already had to leave us but we know that she is in a better place now because she is now with our God. :)

I love my squad :)

Cutie Beanie!

I got this awesome beanie for my birthday, lol!

So cutieeee neee~?

Art and Anime Festival 2016: SPIN OFF!

On the 13th of February of this year (2016), the Otaku Guild of Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sto. Tomas Branch held their second Anime Convention with the title, Art and Anime Festival 2016: SPIN OFF! It was a great event done with lots of preparations, of course.

As a member of the club, I tried my best in helping with the stage props and the like. I am not really close with the members but I tried my best to get along with them. Also, I am one of the band's vocalist so I somehow had a big participation in this event.

Competitions that were conducted in the said program were Anime Singing Contest, Drawing Contest and of course, the main event, Cosplay Competition. The program went well due to the cosplayers and anime-enthusiasts from other places who participated.

I only got to sing two songs with the band and because we have many vocalists in the band, we sang songs in group. Our band's name is Untitled by the way. I sang Shunkan Sentimental by Scandal with Bea-chan and Rhea-chan and The Bravery by Supercell with Kime-chan and Rhea-chan. Here is a picture of me, singing Shunkan Sentimental (lol):

/Hello, 24-hr tv shirt/

Name Hair Clip

This is a name hair clip I made for myself :) This is made from felt cloth :)

these GOODIES and I <3

I joined JanekkoShoppe's Birthday Message Card Contest for SHO SAKURAI last January! At first, I don't have any idea of what the prize would be because I was just informed by my co-fangirl. I just found out when I checked the infos by myself lol.

Anyway, I won the contest and these are what I got! :)

Such good prizes ne~ ^^

The mechanics of the contest are quite easy but still I am really grateful for all the people who helped me win! Also, to JANEKKOSHOPPE of course ^^

Trying to Get Back

Our vacation has already started already and I am trying to cope with the fandom. I've been in a hiatus for quite so long and I am as outdated af. -_- Now, since it's vacation, I will try my best to cope with what I missed... BUT, I guess I won't really be able to do such because I have a class this vacation :(

It's my fault anyway. Ugh, freaking self :( Why did I-! Oh let's not just talk about it. Sigh to such engineering life.

Oh also, I'll be trying to reply to all of your comments and messages :) Sorry if it took me so long to do it :(

Profession or Passion?

I still don't know what I am going to choose between profession or my passion. I mean, I am still confused about what I really want to be. I am torn between these two. Do I really want to be an Electrical Engineer? Or be a photographer?

Some tells me that I can choose both. They say that if I am already an engineer, I can pursue being a photographer during my day-off, something like that. Well, if you'll ask me, I guess they are right. I can be a photographer by the weekend and an engineer during weekdays. :3 Hahaha, that will be surely exhausting.

Anyway, it is too early for me to decide about this...

(Here's a photo of your passionate photojournalist, lol)

/Photo taken by: Patrick Manalo/


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