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06 June 2016 @ 08:56 pm
My Precious Squad :)  
I noticed that I don't have any post yet about my friends. So today, I am gonna introduce my most precious squad!

(LEFT TO RIGHT: Topmost: Jason, Angela. Middle: Darlene, Meriel meriel_roncal, Pinky, Kietyl, Romelyn. Bottom: Arizza Farah)

We were called UNITED NATIONS by our high school classmates because each of us is a fan of different groups from different countries. Get it? You know, like I am a jpop fan, then the other is a kpop fan, than the other likes PTX, the other like 5SOS, hahaha. The group name they call us is not bad so we considered using it officially (lol).

They are my most precious squad. Our friendship was built when we were in our fouth year of high school. We are in collge now and somehow away from each other but we still get along and bond. We still oftenly talk with each other.

It's just sad that Darlene already had to leave us but we know that she is in a better place now because she is now with our God. :)

I love my squad :)


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